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About Ruth Kuttler and the Visions in Verse Book and Artwork Collection

about Visions in Verse – the book…

When a story touches a soul, it makes some smile and others cry. Hi Ruth Kuttler, Author, Poet, ArtistI’m Ruth Kuttler, the creator of Visions in Verse poetry and artwork. Visions In Verse gives people permission to dream and dare to live those dreams. It is an illustrated collection of poems, quotes, inspirational writings, and stories in verse about opening doors and rebuilding a future through failure, courage, faith, and passion. Visions in Verse challenges readers to step outside their comfort zone. They are inspired and empowered to find their magic and consider possibilities for having, doing and being what they most want out of life. Readers are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery that begins with Visions In Verse.

about the artwork…

Each original art design represents countless hours of detailed work to create artwork that brings tears to the eyes and joy to the heart. These works of art are the result of artistic talent, graphics skills, and the use of sophisticated computer software for combining and blending photographic images in just the right way. Layer after layer of images are merged with the perfect mix of colors, special effects and enhancements. The net effect is artwork displayed with poetic verses that truly speak to the heart and moves the soul.

about the poet, author, and graphic artist…

My inspiration for Visions in Verse comes from a series of events that made me question my former career as a nurse practitioner and my life’s purpose. It was my passion for writing poetry that ultimately led to a total life transformation and a new career. Writing poetry empowered me to let go of fear and to follow my dreams.

Today, I am an accomplished poet and graphic artist.

My poetry has been published many times in newspapers, magazines and hard bound poetry anthologies. Two of my poems were selected among thousands to be recorded on CDs and record collections produced by the International Society of Poetry. I have received editor’s choice awards and I’m recognized in the International Who’s Who of Poetry. In addition to being a published poet with my own book, I am an award winning speaker with repeated invitations to display my work and present my poetry to groups at local libraries and organizations in my community.

For many years, my artistic talents combined with intense passion and drive, allowed me to enjoy success in my own company. It was the passion for creating artwork and poetry that led me to take Visions in Verse to the next level of artistic expression. I am pleased and proud to make it available to compassionate, caring people everywhere. The book and framed artwork represents special and unique gifts that keep on giving and show how much you really care.

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