I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with the “Graduation Day” art poem I purchased for my Grandson. It is just beautiful. I love the frame! Your poetry, Ruth, touches the heart. The poem “Graduation Day” says so eloquently just how I feel and would tell my Grandson if I could be with him.

Ken Spitzer

In her poetry, Ruth expresses in beautifully chosen words our innermost feelings and most compelling needs, all the while crafting an uplifting message that speaks to our hearts.

Jeannette Boucher, Magazine Publisher

I would like to mention a time that I was just about to throw in the towel on my business—I was feeling depressed and quite hopeless. It seemed like everything was going wrong. All of my dreams and inspirations felt like they had hit a brick wall…

Casena Michael, Charlotte, NC

It’s reassuring and comforting to know that others have faced challenges similar to mine. Ruth’s words put these experiences into perspective. Her poetry is motivational and magical.

Cynthia Crytzer, Business Owner

If the finally open heart is one that truly loves and can be loved, then certainly Ruth’s work is the “heart” opener. Ruth’s blend of inimitable candor and exquisite compassion transforms lives. My response to this work is surely…

Reverend Cynthia V. Mitchell, M.Ed

Whenever I needed the right words, I found them in one of Ruth’s poems. They are insightful, uplifting, and life changing.

Barbara Rudnicki, Professional Speaker and Author

I am newly married and received your 8×10 “Wedding Day” framed poem and your inspirational poetry book as wedding gifts from a special friend. I have to tell you, my husband and I agree this is our favorite gift of all the beautiful gifts we received…

Krista Lebron, Naples, FL