Poetry is alive and thriving – only it is not the old style of poetry that your high school and college professor drummed into your head. It is rather a new style that is in your everyday life – something that fills you with excitement, touches your heart and drives you to think differently. It may be in a song lyric, greeting card verse, rap music or it may be in your own style of creative writing. This is what I discovered many years ago when I started to write rhythmical verses that literally changed my life.

Why poetry as a form of creative writing is life changing…

You actually have three minds operating within you. These include your subconscious, conscious and super conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is what controls many of your programmed and automatic behaviors. This is why you react or respond in a certain way when presented with data that has to do with your values and beliefs. If someone tells you something that is in alignment with your values and beliefs, you listen and if it is opposite your beliefs, you reject it. Now your conscious mind is involved when you think about something. Maybe it’s a life long dream that you bring into your conscious awareness. If you take action on that idea, you are able to access your highest mind – your mind of infinite possibilities.

When I put pen to paper during a very difficult time in my life, ideas started to flow from my highest super conscious mind. What I experienced was life changing. Ideas that I had never been exposed to in my life (and this dates me a bit) were empowering me to live my own life and follow my dreams. Every poem that I wrote, inspirational quote and metaphorical illustration I created, changed my world. Mostly it changed me – empowering me to think and act without limits and see infinite possibilities for being, having and doing what I most wanted. Much later I compiled all of this in a book called Visions in Verse.

Do you have a poem, song lyric, rap verse or book in you?

I invite you to explore with me a new brand of poetry that empowers you to move to a new level of living – one with infinite possibilities.